karyn’s green meal shake

Green Meal Smoothie

I have made the Green Meal Shake from Karyn Calabrese’s Soak Your Nuts detox book many times since I got it but have never had it first thing in the morning as she suggests… It changed my entire day! I usually eat a lot of food throughout the day. Probably not a lot of calories per se, but a lot of food, or at least I’m grazing constantly (which doesn’t really work when you have Invisalign and are not supposed to take them out all the time!) I may not look like one, but I feel like a bottomless pit. Today however, after having the shake at 730am in place of my morning vegetable juice, I didn’t feel the need to eat all day and when I did, I needed less… woop woop! My teeth are saved :)

Karyn does make the claim in the book that this will keep you full for hours but I have read that before and have never really found anything that does… know what I mean? If you do, check this out and let me know how you find it! Also, I was a little skeptical about the taste of these ingredients at first but it really does taste good for something so good for you.


  • 1 3/4 cup rejuvelac or organic apple juice (I make rejuvelac and think it’s worth it… it smells and tastes a bit funny by itself but don’t get put off, you don’t taste it in this shake and it’s super good for you
  • frozen bananas (peel before freezing) – I’m addicted to freezing bananas but don’t use them fast enough so am pleased I’ve decided to have this for breakfast every day
  • 1 tbls (vegan) lecithin granules/powder – you can get soy-based or sunflower seed-based lecithin
  • 2 tbls Karyn’s Kare Green Meal Powder – I don’t have this so use the Amazing Meal (original flavor) that I already had in the fridge
  • 2 tbls flaxseed oil or coconut oil – I prefer flaxseed for the Omega-3 and find that coconut oil goes chunky because the drink is so cold!


  • Combine the rejuvelac/apple juice and banana in a blender until smooth
  • Add the lecithin and process briefly
  • Add the Green Meal Powder and oil and process on low until well combined
  • Pour and enjoy! {It makes +/- 20 oz or 2.5 cups depending on the size of your banana}

Karyn doesn’t say this, but I suggest you enjoy it immediately… I took it to work in a thermos one day and it tasted funky :S

Karyn also suggests you man mix it up by using nut milk as the liquid, and different fruits such as apple, blueberries or pineapple, or hemp oil… I will let you know of any good combinations I come up with when I get sick of the traditional one!


4 Comments on “karyn’s green meal shake

  1. oooh! so excited to find this blog…not that i am vegan now but just so i can incorporate some more healthy wholesome meals into my diet -they all look sooo yum! thanks!

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