whole foods plant-based diet good, but not as good as raw…

I haven’t been a very good raw foodie since I saw Forks over Knives the weekend before last… A combination of feeling good about the health benefits of a whole food plant based diet and the eight straight days of Boston rain resulted in me being quite happy to return to a (largely) cooked vegan diet. I didn’t feel guilty about it, which used to happen when I ‘indulged’ in cooked food, but interestingly, it has left me feeling uninspired. I thought I going to ‘rediscover’ the joys of cous cous and stir-frys and steaming hot vegetables in all kinds of delish tomato sauces…

What I actually rediscovered was that cooked food tastes kind of bland. It’s mushy and, well… just bland. I put in seasoning for Africa. I lightly sauteed, I tried various options at local lunch places near work hoping to find something ‘easy’ to grab instead of having to plan a meal at home. And all I found out is that after a little over 12 months on a very high raw diet, I definitely prefer it.

On raw I feel lighter. I have more energy. I’m more inspired by my options and to try new things. I feel like I’m optimizing the fuel I put into my body, like I’m getting my money’s worth from the investment I make in fresh organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Love. I’m in love with raw. I had an affair with the stovetop, and I’m sorry.

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