mimi kirk’s dark cacao milkshake (v, gf)

Mimi's Dark Cacao Milkshake

Oh my goodness! Ever since I saw Mimi Kirk’s video demonstration of her very decadent dark cacao milkshake I have been waiting to have two avocados lying around  to try it. Today was the day, and with being at home a little under the weather it was the perfect pick-me-up, or rather ‘is’ the perfect pick-me-up – ‘ll be working on this bad boy all day… the photo only shows half of it!

Please visit Mimi’s website young on raw food for this recipe and her other goodies… and buy her book, it’s lovely!! I made a ‘quick and dirty’ version because it was a last minute decision so have provided my modifications here.

crazy (or rather, lazy) modifications:

  • I didn’t think about making this last night so didn’t soak my almonds for the almond milk – naughty! So I put a cup of filtered water in my Blendtec, a small handful of almonds (probably 1/2 cup), a dash of vanilla and a medjool date and blended until smooth.
  • I also don’t usually bother removing the almond pulp from my almond milk as I like the thick texture, so I simply added all the other ingredients to the milk I had in the blender, put it on milkshake setting and let it run (I love my Blendtec, I don’t know of any other blender that would do this in one go without any scraping on my part!)

Do make it, at least once – it’s delicious! And give thanks to Mimi for being such a wonderful, creative, inspirational woman :)


Guide: v = vegan | gf = gluten-free

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