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superfood trail mix

I have eaten a whole mason jar full to the brim of trail mix this week! It’s sooo good, and so good for me. I mixed a whole bunch of random stuff together and it totally works! Ingredients: Sunflower seeds Pepitas Cashew pieces Pistachios… Continue Reading “superfood trail mix”

raw vegan spicy green lime cilantro soup

I’m quite upset that it’s taken me so long to make this {delish!} soup. My dear raw foodie friend Brooke has been making this so regularly over the last 12 months that I feel like she’s cracking open coconuts every time I speak to… Continue Reading “raw vegan spicy green lime cilantro soup”

sesame-ginger-flax salad dressing

Sunday: I don’t think I’m getting enough Omega-3 in my diet. A crazy raw vegan facebook friend kindly shared a link with me recently of renowned expert in “good-for-you-fats”, Udo Eramus (watch it here). As he was going through the (very, very long) list of benefits… Continue Reading “sesame-ginger-flax salad dressing”

super-savory salad

I’ve said it before – I’m not what you’d call a ‘salad person’. I hate boring food. I hate not feeling satiated. I hate feeling hungry after I’ve eaten. And I hate the ol’ lettuce and tomatoes gig so don’t really order salads when… Continue Reading “super-savory salad”

raw vegan banana bread and/or cookies

I just finished dinner and remembered I had my experimental banana cookies in the dehydrator. OMG OMG, OMG!! YUM!! Lucky I’m home alone because I groaned out loud in kind of a sexual way as I chewed my first bite… ooops ;) Four cookies… Continue Reading “raw vegan banana bread and/or cookies”

raw vegan tomato torte

You may have noticed I haven’t been as good with my meal plan as I intended… sorry! I have been out every night this week which made dinner redundant and preparation for lunch difficult. I did, however finally get time to put together the Tomato Torte… Continue Reading “raw vegan tomato torte”

raw vegan lemon pudding

I must admit that I’m not off the to the best start to my first meal plan… I couldn’t find a few things at the store on Saturday, forgot a few things and that, in additional to getting totally sidetracked by other things on… Continue Reading “raw vegan lemon pudding”

raw vegan meal plan #1

The numero uno rule for being a successful, happy, stress-free raw vegan is to BE PREPARED!! Have food at the ready AT ALL TIMES. While I know this to be true, I do tend to prepare food in fits and starts. This week, not unlike… Continue Reading “raw vegan meal plan #1”

raw vegan ‘cookies and cream’ ice cream

I can’t help myself! This is sooo freaking good that it had to have it’s own blog… forget crumbling chocolate cookies on top of the ice cream that may have frozen a little hard after you took it out of the ice cream maker and… Continue Reading “raw vegan ‘cookies and cream’ ice cream”

two minute guacamole

I’m working from home today which inevitably means that I’ll spend all day eating, which is not great for the progress of my Invisalign, but what can you do?? Staring into the fridge, I spotted a ripe avocado, a few grape tomatoes, some cilantro, onion and… Continue Reading “two minute guacamole”