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green smoothies should be all about FRUIT

Day 2 of my transition to a more 80/10/10 style of eating and I have already had my first ‘ah-ha’ moment! Actually, I probably had my first one last week when I did a day of all fruit, but it will take some courage… Continue Reading “green smoothies should be all about FRUIT”

karyn’s green meal shake

I have made the Green Meal Shake from Karyn Calabrese’s Soak Your Nuts detox book many times since I got it but have never had it first thing in the morning as she suggests… It changed my entire day! I usually eat a lot… Continue Reading “karyn’s green meal shake”

green smoothie. old-school banana style

My beautiful, wonderful Brisbane flatmate Mel and I used to have banana smoothies a lot. We loved them… ripe bananas, honey, vanilla, milk and scoops and scoops of full fat ice cream. Being lactose-intolerant, they made me terribly bloated and gassy but I persisted… Continue Reading “green smoothie. old-school banana style”