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confessions, surgery, and bike commuting

I started this little discussion on ‘moving’ about six weeks ago and the blog posts have been few and far between – my apologies. Then, by post #3, I realized I have confessions. Already. Blimey!!

she wants to move ♫

Entirely by accident, it seems I have a theme song. Today was my first solo run since I joined a running club two weeks ago… it’s a dreary, rainy Saturday morning, I had two sneaky gin & tonics with the girls last night, and… Continue Reading “she wants to move ♫”

Boston Strong

April 15, 2013. Boston Marathon. And for the first time in four years I’m actually in Back Bay on the day, working in an office building with the view of the marathon you see above… it cuts off on the left just before the… Continue Reading “Boston Strong”

chronicles of no-poo

Two weeks ago I, a wash/dry/style-hair-daily, mane-obsessed Leo, went no-poo. That is, I ditched my beloved Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner (and leave-in conditioner, and volumizer, and hair oil, and hair spray) and started using  bicarb soda and apple vinegar. Straight-up. No joke. The purported benefits of no-poo… Continue Reading “chronicles of no-poo”

colon cleansing deconstructed

Following my mention of ‘colon’ on my crazyrawvegan facebook page last week, my boyfriend informed my that the c-word make him “throw up a little bit in his mouth”. Needless to say, a great debate ensued… I personally think it’s important to embrace your colon… Continue Reading “colon cleansing deconstructed”

oil pulling and morning routines

I have been meaning to (and even worse, promising to) write this blog for ages, I’m sorry! I started experimenting with oil pulling back in October and have mentioned it on facebook and a lot of people have asked about it so wanted to… Continue Reading “oil pulling and morning routines”

serious things and small confessions

I said I had some ‘serious things and small confessions’ to share this weekend to explain the lack on communication over the last few days of my juicy week (juice fast), and I have been procrastinating. I’m blaming the hurricane… even though I’ve been… Continue Reading “serious things and small confessions”

being a Conscious Lifestyler… colon cleansing

It’s Earth Day and Good Friday today, so when I got up this morning I felt it was going to be a good day for a colon cleanse. One, I don’t have to work so can be at home. Two, not turning the dehydrator, or… Continue Reading “being a Conscious Lifestyler… colon cleansing”