Boston Strong

Boston Marathon 2013

April 15, 2013. Boston Marathon. And for the first time in four years I’m actually in Back Bay on the day, working in an office building with the view of the marathon you see above… it cuts off on the left just before the finish line. I took this photo about an hour before the bombs exploded. A colleague and I then went for a walk outside among the runners wrapped in heatsheets, glowing from the  exhaustion, the accomplishment.  We decided against braving the crowd to get the finish line and go back inside… the rest, as they say, is sadly (too recent) history.

Like many people, all over the world, I was left speechless. But what emerged in Boston also left me speechless. The sense of community, the support, and the sheer determination to prove to the world that such acts will not bring people to their knees, but rather to their feet… to run.

I’m lost for words now… how does one bring this back to themselves?? You really can’t, save to say that I also took up the call to run and want to share the journey and perhaps inspire others to do the same… for themselves, for those who no longer can. But that will have to be another post.

Boston Strong.


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