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cheezy cayenne kale chips

My house smells really yummy this morning! I love dehydrating things overnight and really would do it just to wake up to a tasty aroma every day… especially kale chips. These things are totally awesome – cheesy, tasty and filling, and packed with goodness… Continue Reading “cheezy cayenne kale chips”

spicy ‘salmon’ pâté

The ultimate lazy snack has really got to be crackers and dip doesn’t it? Open cupboard, grab crackers. Open fridge, grab dip. Dip + Eat = Instant gratification. So when dehydrating your own raw flax seed crackers from scratch a sudden craving for a savory… Continue Reading “spicy ‘salmon’ pâté”

flax seed crackers

Flax seed crackers are a staple for any raw foodie… there are so many easy sweet snacks to make and buy so I find these super-handy to have around to deal with the savory cravings. I also think that you could make them in an… Continue Reading “flax seed crackers”

chunky salsa

I just hosted my first wine night, (mostly) raw vegan style… and it went well!  A group of girls in Boston get together once a month, rotating between houses, to drink wine, chat and eat food. My v. good friend Brooke is my link… Continue Reading “chunky salsa”