strawberry (nut)milkshake

Strawberry (nut)Milkshake

I’ve been dancing around the kitchen to Rave On Buddy Holly (a new release cover album) since early this morning preparing food in advance of the Fourth of July long weekend. I’ve been tasting everything as I go so wasn’t super hungry for breakfast but knew I should eat something, lemon water won’t carry you through lunch time!

I made some almond milk on Thursday for my corn chowder (that didn’t work out so well), but had some left over, and I had some strawberries from my strawberry picking adventure last weekend that needed using… voilà, strawberry milkshake!!


  • 1 cup raw almonds
  • 3 cups filtered water
  • 2 large medjool dates, pitted
  • 1/4tsp vanilla essence
  • Handful ripe strawberries
  • Ice


  • Blend almonds and water in blender until smooth
  • Pour through fine mesh strainer or nut bag over a bowl and extract all the liquid – keep the almond meal if you have a recipe to use it for – I threw mine out without thinking and was really sad for missing a great opportunity!
  • Rinse residue out of blender, pour milk back in and blend with dates, strawberries, vanilla essence and ice until smooth
  • Taste before pouring to make sure you have enough strawberries – you need quite a few tasty ones to sing out over the almonds



2 Comments on “strawberry (nut)milkshake

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  2. Love working in healthy shakes to a vegan diet. Your right their is only so much lemon water you can drink:)

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