raw vegan avocado ‘skins’

Avocado Skins

I first had Alissa Cohen’s avocado skins at her raw restaurant in Boston, Grezzo. I fell in love with them and so did my omnivore boyfriend, so I was really excited when she released her latest recipe book Raw Food For Everyone, especially since it closely followed the closing of Grezzo so I had no choice but to make my own!

The recipe requires three different components: seasoned avocado halves, marinated broccoli and cheese. It sounds way more complex than it actually is but I’m not going to provide the recipe here, because me writing it down will be complicated! However, I do recommend the book :)

Prep takes about 20 minutes, dehydration time is 2 hours so they make a tasty weekend lunch if you put them on after breakfast… two halves is a perfect light lunch, one half is also a great starter for a raw vegan meal if you want to spoil yourself, friends or family.


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