lemon water is my fav. start to the day!

I arrived home late last night from a week vacation in London. While I had the most bestest time ever, I also missed my kitchen. However, this morning I realized that the thing I missed most about my kitchen was starting my day with fresh lemon juice in warm water! Ahhh, the simple things in life :)

My mother got me on to this years ago, and while she has done it religiously for over 10 years, I was a bit hit and miss until I went (high) raw vegan last year and started making more of an effort to have a morning routine, which now looks a lot like mum’s – lemon juice, shower, fresh vegetable juice…

Every morning I:

  1. Roll out of bed
  2. Put on the kettle
  3. Squeeze the juice of a fresh, organic lemon into a glass (I love my lemon squeezer too, it’s so easy to use and clean)
  4. Top the glass up with cool filtered water
  5. Add a splash of hot (but not boiling) water from the kettle
  6. Mix and drink – usually while checking emails, reading blogs, or generally pottering about in the kitchen

Bliss, I love it! I’m  A+ blood types and apparently we made a lot of snot / mucus / generally gross congestion overnight (and I suffer from hayfever on top of that) so it’s a great way to clear it all out. There are also a whole load of other benefits about lemon water that I was going to write up but then found a great blog that has already pulled it all together… I love the internet. Check out Life Mojo for a whole lot of other fun info too.

Try it out for a week and let me know how you find it!


4 Comments on “lemon water is my fav. start to the day!

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