ginger syrup kombucha

Ginger Syrup Kombucha

This will be my first non-juice / juice fast-related blog in almost two weeks, is anyone else as excited as I am?!? And as upset as I was to finish my fast I realized after two days of moping that it really is an opportunity, an opportunity for kombucha – woop woop!

Today I really tasted my first batch of double-fermented flavored ‘bucha… ginger syrup. Well actually, I unveiled the other flavor (blueberry chia) a few weeks ago but I hadn’t processed the fact that I had shaken the container to capture all the chia seeds before fermenting so when I opened it in the closet where I was hiding it to take a sneaky taste it exploded all over everything… and continued to explode all the way to the kitchen! Not recommended – chia seeds in kombucha all over everything gets very sticky and very stinky very quickly : S

Blueberry-Chia Kombucha

Despite the drama, the tiny mouthful I did manage to save was so delicious I just put in another batch of the same concoction to double-ferment: I added the chia seeds to the liquid not the liquid to the chia seeds this time though so no shaking was required.

For the ginger syrup flavor, I added 1 tbls of Ginger People’s vegan ginger syrup in 500ml of kombucha and put back in a dark closest for two more weeks of fermenting. After the two weeks I put it in the fridge but didn’t have time to drink it before I started my juice fast. It’s lovely – light and refreshing and a little bit sweet. Winner!


5 Comments on “ginger syrup kombucha

  1. oh my! both flavours sounds divine- i have a hibiscus kombucha brewing at the minute, can’t wait to try it, its my first batch ever. if its a success i will definitely try your flavours next. Heck! even if i fail i’ll try them!

  2. I had saved this post in my gmail knowing I would be making some soon! Just got around to reading it :) I tasted mine today at 9 days and decided to bottle it because I’m too excited and impatient. I already started the next batch which I’m making with a rose petal black tea (YUM) and I think I’ll let that one go 3 weeks. Infusing them? Where would I begin? I’ll take a look at your other posts. xo

    • That’s so exciting Michelle! I know how you feel about impatience, although the more you make, the easier it gets to manage because you have loads to drink : )

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