muffin-tops and skinny jeans

Today I joined the ‘skinny’ jeans club. The one where membership requires you to have a pair (‘that’ pair) of slim-fit jeans that you really love but have to lie down on the bed to pull on, and wiggle (and wiggle) and suck in your tummy to zip up; only to spend all day with a wedgie from front-to-back and muffin-tops* poking out the top, wishing you had never bothered…

I have always fitted in to my slim-fit jeans. Today was not a happy day.

On top of that, I wore my jeans out on a clothes shopping expedition. Stupid, but I suppose that’s what happens when you’re not sure how club membership works… so not only did I have to keep pulling them on and off, I had to remind myself that the clothes I was trying on would fit me when I “returned to ‘normal'”. Then I had to work out how that was going to happen!

To be fair, and as my partner so kindly pointed out, I haven’t been able to walk around let alone exercise for nearly four months due to a broken ankle, and that my clothes typically don’t have any room for error…. yes, I have a bit of a thing for skinny jeans and pencil skirts… but “No room for error?!, I exclaimed. “I shouldn’t need any room for error! My raw / vegan / plant-based ‘diet’ should keep my at my optimal weight and I shouldn’t need ‘fat’ jeans and ‘skinny jeans. That’s all too complicated.”

Great theory. It works. I’ve tested it. But it only works when you’re eating raw / vegan / plant-based foods – which I haven’t been for the last few weeks**. I have been eating gluten, and soy, and sugars and even some cheese. Gross! I’m not even sure how I got to this place but I don’t like it. Not only do I now have ‘those jeans’, my skin is breaking out, my mood is all over the place, my tummy is unhappy, and I’m not sleeping well. Well at least not when I’m supposed to be in bed – I sleep just fine at my desk every day around 3:30pm.

So, back to the how I’m going to ‘fix’ it question. I’m embarking on Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty Detox. I’m soooo utterly hopeless at following these types of things but I bought the book a while ago because I wanted the recipe for her Glowing Green Smoothie and thought I’d check out he rest of the goodies. A lot of the up-front content on plant-based foods etc. was not new to me but I really loved her explanation of food pairing and the detail she provided on why raw vegans don’t always achieve their desired results. I’m excited about food again. Finally. And I now have two feet with which to dance around my kitchen and prepare it!

To be fair, I’m not posting Kim’s recipes but will keep you updated on my adventures and any new recipes I find that fit in the guidelines – and I will provide more detail on the guidelines in future blogs. Would love to hear from anyone else who has tried this or would like to join me!


* Please note, I did wear a long, loose-fitting top so neither my muffins nor my wedgie were actually on display

** Before raw vegan I was not 30 ;)

3 Comments on “muffin-tops and skinny jeans

  1. I know how you feel – I’ve been on a less raw diet lately too – been under a LOT of emotional stress, and just changed jobs and therefore food habits. Started drinking soy hot chocolates which triggers cravings for other not so healthy choices. Because I have less time to prepare food and have been a bit depressed and displaced I’ve been throwing together more hot meals to share with my non raw vegan partner (raw vegan is harder to share than cooked vegan). I have been drinking more wine. Thankfully things have started to settled down now so I’m at the same place you are – working back at it. Even just after 3 days of raw I’m feeling so much better! I’m happier in myself and my outlook. I easily resisited the hot chocolate this morning and instead found time to bring in a raw cacao and banana smoothie -mmmm! So much more satisfying than the soy HC, Raw beetroot and spinach salad for lunch!

    I spent one whole day on the weekend preparing food and dehydrating crackers, flat bread and kale chips for the nights I feel like something “cooked” then freezing them so they are there when I need them. The most important thing to remember is that when you backslide the best thing you can do is take note of it, forgive yourself and keep going.

    I really enjoy your blogs and hope to read more as you also walk your path back to raw!

  2. I’m so happy to hear your story Belinda! Thanks for sharing… I’m with you 100%… hope you’re feeling better and better everyday – I know I am!


  3. “I shouldn’t need ‘fat’ jeans and ‘skinny jeans.” hehehe solution for smaller size I found that there are jeans wich will shape you and mold to your body lifting your bottom, flattening your stomach. no more MUFFIN TOP!!!!

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