she wants to move ♫

Today is a good day to start

Entirely by accident, it seems I have a theme song. Today was my first solo run since I joined a running club two weeks ago… it’s a dreary, rainy Saturday morning, I had two sneaky gin & tonics with the girls last night, and at 6:30am my body wakes up and says “let’s go for a run”.

This is not normal for me. I’m not a wake-up-and-go-for-a-run kinda girl; or at least I haven’t been, even when I try to be.

So I went for a run and came home feeling great. Then, as I was stretching, “She Wants to Move” by N.E.R.D started playing on my iPod. I don’t think my ass is a spaceship but the refrain captures my intention so I’m going with it – I do want to move, and I want others to move. Hence my foray into exercise blogging.

Perhaps this is a good segue into the low-down on me and exercise. I don’t want to be self-indulgent but if I think about blogs I read on exercise, or raw foods, or anything really, I sometimes find it hard to connect because they seem so perfect – like they are just born to do whatever it is they are talking about, do it perfectly all the time and love it no matter what; that they never struggle or doubt themselves. That’s not me!  It has also crossed my mind (and this is an awful truth), that people who have overcome great adversity to achieve great things had some kind of motivation I could never hope to have without some such great adversity – “I’m just a normal girl, living a normal life”. I’m a smart girl so I know this is nonsense. It’s just another excuse to keep living a ‘normal’ safe life.

If you have been following my raw food journey for a while, you would have noticed I’m better at starting things than finishing. Juice fasts. 80/10/10. Tyler Tolman’s Conscious Lifestyler 30-day challenge. 100% raw. I have the best of intentions, really. I get crazy-obsessive for a while, then… well.. life happens. I walked an hour return trip nearly every day during the cold, snowy Boston winter of 2010 to go to hot yoga then abandoned it. Pilates. Swimming. Hiking. Riding my bike. Personal training. Weights. Spin class. The only constant is that I try new things.

However, after the Boston tragedy I was reminded how fragile life is. I may feel invincible but I’m not. And it occurred to me, in a way that shook me to the core, that I want to achieve more in my lifetime and that this ‘more’ won’t happen if I don’t push myself to the limits, that it won’t happen if I don’t make it happen. I can have a life of achievement if I get out there, set goals and achieve them! Pretty freaking obvious right?!?

So here we go.

Boston Half Marathon in October.

Why running? Well, I suppose I had my ‘great adversity’ last year when I was in a wheelchair after a snowboarding accident. One broken ankle and one so badly sprained I couldn’t walk on it for weeks. Contusion in my femur, a damaged MCL from the previous ski season. I was scooching around the house on my bum (and a skateboard), leveraging myself onto the toilet with my cast on the bath edge, being carried down the stairs… then I was in two air casts and crutches for months. So I’m running to maintain the feeling of gratitude for my body I felt when I got back on my feet and was told everything had healed ‘perfectly’, and I’m running for those people who lost their limbs in the marathon bombing. Not because I can pretend to understand the permanency, but because I have a tiny inkling of the challenges that presents.

Broken Ankle

So I just set “She Wants to Move” as my morning ring-tone to inspire me to get out of bed and MOVE!

What inspires you to move? What challenges are you facing? Would love to hear from you – maybe we can inspire each other.


7 Comments on “she wants to move ♫

  1. Setting that motivational song as your ring tone is a brilliant idea. I’m going to find my motivational song and do the same. Thanks! You inspire me. I love your blog. Thank you.

  2. *shaking my booty*
    I feel for you, being carried, wheeled about, scooching/scooting around, crawling, and more… I was in a severe auto accident back on Sept 11, 1999, where my left hip was broken in two places, my spinal nerve pinched, bruised, stitched up. I was immobilized for three months and what an emotional roller coaster ride it was!

    The doctors, therapists and specialists were amazed how fast and nicely I healed and with the progress I was making, the doctors encouraged me to start running. I was taken aback because it was too soon after, thought that running was a big NO-NO for those with such injuries and well… I was never a runner until after… Nowadays, I’m addicted and to switch things up, always go for various/different trails to run (I MUCH prefer trail running than road running). Also, my mornings are jazzed up with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) where it is never the same as each day goes by!

    I’m forever grateful for the ability to move! And to LIVE my LIFE!~

    • Alynn – I totally agree with Suzanne, what an inspiration! I’m sorry to hear of your set-back but isn’t it truly wonderful how such things can inspire you to greater heights?!

      Hope everything is going well.

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that Mark! Look after it through the healing process so you can get back on it soon.

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